Old Shoes

Slowly but surely it has become clear to me that my beloved trail running shoes are not long for this life. I bought them just over a year ago, a pair of silver and purple Sauconys with lime green accents, pretty enough to wear proudly but with robust enough treads to protect my delicate feet […]

My Teacher, Myself

Utthita hasta padangusthasana. Extended hand to big toe posture. Take away the fancy Sanskrit words and it basically means standing on one leg with the other leg extended out in front at about ninety degrees, preferably holding on to the big toe of the lifted leg with a couple of fingers. And there I was on […]

Carousel Of Life

There I was, slowly rolling my Prius through the suburban shopping center, sucking on my “thank-god-it’s-Friday” double tall latte. Running errands, feeling worse than I had hoped, still brain-fogged from my week battling back an annoying virus. A white-haired older woman stepped out from Staples, a stack of papers clutched to her chest. I recognized […]