Ordinary Hero

  It was a nondescript storefront in an industrial part of southeast Portland, home to the Independent Publishing Resource Center, or IPRC. A few cars lined the street, but I was able to easily find a parking spot right in front.┬áIt was a quiet Thursday night in December, dark and rainy and cold, much better […]


Day ten: How do you turn off your autopilot? Oh, this is a topic I speak about quite frequently in my yoga classes. I see it all the time–long-time yogis who have a strong physical practice show up and tune out. And I totally get it. It feels good to feel like you know what […]

The Unbearable Rightness Of Being

Day eight’s question is: What went right this year? Seriously? Everything. I’m here, right? I’m pretty darn healthy with two exceptionally healthy, thriving and delightful kids. Overwhelmingly, most of my friends are healthy and those that are dealing with treatable issues have really good insurance. My dog, Max, is doing well, if just a bit […]


Day seven: Post your favorite selfie of 2013. Are you kidding me? Honestly, I think this prompt is stupid. And sure, I get that maybe they’re trying to give us a day off from writing, but c’mon! If this challenge is about creativity and such, I’m not sure how posting your favorite selfie of the […]

Hug Me

Day six: What precious things have you gathered this year? Hugs. I gathered hugs. I grew up in a reserved family with Northern European roots that didn’t show a whole lot of physical affection. Hugging, therefore, was an acquired skill that I had to learn on my own. As a teenager, a lot of my […]