Come As You Are

It’s not as if I have a sign outside my yoga classes that says, “Make sure you have your cell phone with you at all times.” You see, in my perfect world, no one would ever bring a cell phone into a yoga class. In my perfect world, everyone would show up five minutes before […]

Scruff Of The Neck

The bulk of my junior and senior high school years were spent flying under the radar. Quietly sitting in the back of classrooms, getting good-to-average grades, rarely raising my hand, staying out of trouble, with just enough good friends to keep me happy and sane. English and literature and creative writing classes immersed me in […]

Outside The C-Zone With Amanda

It was Monday morning when The Mister announced, “It feels like she’s moved in with us.” She being Amanda Palmer, my latest obsession, er….inspiration. I was coming off a weekend of deep stretching that had nothing to do with yoga and everything to do with comfort zones. My energy buzzing higher than I can remember […]