Three Things, Issue Six

Yes, I’ve heard the new Taylor Swift single. No, I don’t like it. Taylor, we get it–time to move on, gurl. SOMETHING I’M DOING: BOAT POSE (NAVASANA) Once, I had a six-pack. As in abs. As in literally, once, for just one day. I had succeeded in achieving the perfect storm of starvation and leg […]

Three Things (Sorta), Issue Five

She sat across from me at my favorite funky breakfast joint and told me how her schedule just seemed to open up to allow her to travel back to Seattle to work and play with some of her favorite theater peeps. They were deep in rehearsals, reworking part of a play for a showcase. A […]

Three Things, Issue Four

This weekly blog is mostly about three things I like. For a little different flavor, here are three things I detest: nuclear war and reckless,┬ábellicose threats of it; white supremacy in any form; that blowhole of an idiot who is currently president. These things are not up for debate, so take that shit elsewhere. That […]

Three Things, Issue Three

It’s not that I hate summer, but I find August to be draining. Send help. And fans. SOMETHING I’M LISTENING TO: GEORGE CLINTON AND PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC Okay, full disclosure: I have not been spending a lot of time listening to George Clinton recently. Truth be told, my current playlist is almost exclusively newer music. That […]