“I’m sorry I haven’t been in class lately,” the young woman said as I rolled up my yoga mat, “But my sister-in-law just had a baby. The baby was born weighing just three pounds, so I was there visiting.” “Wow,” I replied, “Three pounds? Premature?” “Yeah,” the young woman went on. “The mom, my sister-in-law, […]


She is susceptible to swooning. Falling in love easily with people, places, and ideas, even amidst a lifetime of prophetic warnings from her mother. “Don’t get too attached,” her mother would caution, “Don’t let them see how much you care. Guard your heart, your feelings, your deepest desires because once they see them, they will […]

Vaulted Heart

His heart he wears not on his sleeve, but instead locks it safely away in a vault-like box. The box is heavy and lined in a deep red velvet to absorb the blood that inevitably seeps from the shattered pieces. He doesn’t want to see the stains. His life and his memories an amalgam of […]