My Funny Valentine

I am equal parts cynic and hopeless romantic. I am prone to swooning like a school girl as well as questioning the intention of everything. And I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong–I am all for sharing expressions of love with friends, family, and lovers–but I’ve always hated the “manufactured holiday” feel […]

I Ran (I Ran So Far Away)

Today was different. As I laced up my running shoes and zipped up my tights, I pulled the laces extra snug and made sure that no sliver of skin was left exposed on my ankles. There was a feeling of stubborn determination in my preparations, my jaw set and eyes unwavering. Uncharacteristically, I began to […]

Harley And Me

He had talked about it for awhile. Finally, last Saturday it happened. The Mister took a Mistress. She is a beauty, to be sure. Ebony skin, supple seat, sleek and powerful, her shiny chrome pipes blindingly bright in the afternoon sun. She is everything I am not. She is a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This love […]