The Unbearable Rightness Of Being

Day eight’s question is: What went right this year?



I’m here, right? I’m pretty darn healthy with two exceptionally healthy, thriving and delightful kids. Overwhelmingly, most of my friends are healthy and those that are dealing with treatable issues have really good insurance. My dog, Max, is doing well, if just a bit neurotic.

Everything went well this year.

Ask anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis or is challenged with any variety of chronic, debilitating illness and they will tell you that good health is the most valuable asset you can have.

I have my health. I have work that is fulfilling and meaningful. I have passion in my life. Sometimes even unbridled-spine-tingling-curl-your-toes-kind-of-passion. Passion felt for many different things and people.

Was this year perfect?

Hell no.

Stuff happened. Mishaps. Misunderstandings. Missteps. Missed connections.

No matter what, if you look for perfection as satisfaction, as evidence that things are going well, you will be sorely disappointed.

But how about this:

Perfectly imperfect, I like to say.

Beautifully human.

Deeply flawed, in the most magnificent way.

This I believe: We are here to pay attention and learn. We are here to stumble and fall and get back up again. We say the wrong thing at the wrong time and then we go back and say we are so, so sorry. We look into each other’s eyes and see that perfect imperfection in each other and what do we do?

We give each other grace.

Everything went right.