Day seven: Post your favorite selfie of 2013.

Are you kidding me? Honestly, I think this prompt is stupid. And sure, I get that maybe they’re trying to give us a day off from writing, but c’mon! If this challenge is about creativity and such, I’m not sure how posting your favorite selfie of the year is helping to cultivate that.

So, I did this. I drew my own selfie. I’m not going to say I am not an artist, because I believe we are all artists in our soul. Adulthood, mainstream education, creepy people in our lives and society at large may have squelched many of our beliefs in our own creativity, but we all are creative beings. Artists. But I will say that drawing is not my usual medium.

I love pastels, by the way. My love affair with pastels goes so far back in my childhood that I don’t recall a time in my life that I didn’t love pastels. Their smell, the way they feel in my hands, the smooth way they feel going down on the paper and how delightfully messy my fingers and hands get when I work with them–it’s all rather spine-tingling to me.

So, here I am. Half straight hair, half curly because sometimes I curl it and feel like a wild child. Full of color because that’s me. Big, bold abstract lines that sometimes messily blend into everything else. Kinda like life.

Send me yours. I dare you.


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