Launching a website is a little like giving birth.  Or at least that’s been my experience.  Months of incubation, a lot of imagination, a big old leap of faith, and a whole lot less physical pain…but essentially something has been born.  This site and my blog are both a natural progression of my teaching yoga.  It is my hope to connect with folks interested in yoga, stay updated with my “Yoga Peeps” already in my classes, and exercise my discipline as a writer with regular musings on yoga and life.

And just as most conceptions are not done solo, neither was this endeavor.  A BIG shout-out to Heather Ross, web designer extraordinare.  Not only did she give me so much guidance, encouragement and inspiration, she is a pillar of patience to boot.  And if that’s not impressive enough, she does triathalons, too.  I could not have gotten even close to this had it not been for Heather.  I highly recommend her for all your web designing needs.

Speaking of birth, I vaguely recall needing a rest after delivering both my kids.  So with that in mind, I will sign off for now.  More to come very soon.  Much, much more.

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