Camano Island Winter Retreat

Winter invites us into deep contemplation.

The holidays are wrapped up and put away. Even though we are weeks past the longest night–the solstice–it can still feel miles away from the light and hope of spring.

I believe in following nature’s ways and taking this time to go within. Build some roots. Allow the unnecessary to die away. Prepare.

Imagine stepping into 2019 with a clearer vision of your life and the paths you choose to follow. What would it feel like to go forward with intention and purpose, rather than constantly being swept up with the winds of change that swirl around us all?

Join Maria Borella and me for an intimate, 6-hour workshop of gentle yoga, meditation and journaling on beautiful Camano Island. We will use yoga as a means to drop out of our busy brains and into the wisdom of our bodies. Through simple writing prompts and guided meditation, we will begin to work towards clarity, gently peeling back the layers that may have restrained or distracted us from our true nature. Our hope is to guide you and send you on your way equipped with the tools and support needed to sustain a personal practice of intentional living.

Registration is limited to six participants, so this will be a small group. No prior experience with yoga, meditation or writing needed.

Come as you are.

WHEN: Saturday, January 19, 2019, 10:00AM-4:00PM

WHERE: Camano Island, WA

COST: $75.00, includes lunch and light snacks

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, journal, pen, comfortable clothing to practice yoga in, an open mind and practical shoes and a jacket for walking outdoors to the beach.